Note: Facebook is gradually introducing a new set of consolidated campaign objectives in Ads Manager. If you see more than six campaign objectives when you create a new ad, this page does not apply to you.

Ads Manager objectives are being updated to help you choose the objective most closely aligned to your business goal. When you create a new campaign, you’ll choose from six, new objectives. Campaigns you create before the release of our new objectives will remain active and there is no need to make any changes to your existing campaigns. You’ll also be able to edit and duplicate your existing campaigns through the end of 2021.

Objectives are now grouped together based on their expected business outcome. Objective names will change but you can still perform the same functions and access the features you’re familiar with.

Here’s how our previous objectives align to the new ones:

Previous Objective NameNew Objective Name
Brand AwarenessAwareness
App InstallsApp Promotion
Video ViewsEngagement
Lead GenerationLeads
ConversionsEngagement Leads Sales
Catalog SalesSales
Store TrafficSales

Conversion Locations and Events

Most objectives will now require that you choose a conversion location. The conversion location is the place where your desired business outcome will occur. For example, if you create a campaign with the Leads objective, you can choose Website, Instant Forms, Messenger, Phone or App as your conversion location. Depending on the conversion location you select, you’ll then choose a conversion event. The conversion event you choose will tell us the action you want your audience to take once they’ve landed on your conversion location.

Note, not all conversion locations have more than one conversion event option, because the conversion event is assumed. For example, if you choose Messenger as your conversion location, you won’t see any conversion event options.

Let’s assume the goal for your Leads campaign is to encourage people to contact your business through your website. So, you’d choose Website as your conversion location and Contact as your conversion event. You’ll note that you also have Lead, Submit Application, and Schedule as alternative conversion event options.

Understanding your results

Reporting has not changed, however, because we’re consolidating objectives you may see an increase in uncalculated results in the Ads Manager reporting table. These results will appear either blank or as a dash in the results column of the campaign tab. Results in the ad set and ad tabs won’t be affected.